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These 7 steps will get you from choosing your room to your move in.


    1. Choice of unit

    Choose the unit that fits best and confirm your choice.


    2. Submit your request

    Enter your personal data and upload the required documents. Before we will be able to check your request, you will be asked to pay a € 60,00 administration fee.


    3. Check & Confirmation

    As soon as your request lands at our desk we will check the submitted documents and your choice of unit. Should your submission be successful, we will send you a confirmation letter.


    4. Pay Day

    Please wire the security deposit to our bank account within 7 days of receiving the confirmation letter from our side. The unit will be reserved for you during these 7 days. Should you be booking after July 31st, you will be required to pay both deposits and the first rent all at once.



    Should we have received the security deposit within 7 days, the room will be booked for you.


    6. Pay Day #2

    You must pay the second part of your security deposit and the first rent by July 31st, 2017. You can already start packing for your new home.


    7. Moving Day

    Finally it’s here – you can move in at your new home! Please get in touch with us at least 10 days prior to your preferred move in day so that everything will be ready for you.

*The general terms and conditions apply.


We usually offer 12-month contracts. If you want to extend your stay with us, please fill out the following document and submit it via